First Time Here?

First log in (upper right on the menu bar). Then, if you have registered for a regular semester or Insights course, the CHS office will add you to the classroom as soon as we receive notification of your payment.  If you wish to take a Self Paced Course, look for the listing below; when you click on the course, it will give you a button for Paypal payment.

The course(s) for which you are registered should appear below, as well as additional resources like the Judy Harrow Memorial Library and Information Center, access to the student Chaplain's Office if you require spiritual support, and the tutorial for beginning Moodle users.

CHS classrooms are a supportive environment in which to pursue your learning adventure and personal spiritual development. We maintain courteous interactions at all times, though we invite all ideas to be discussed as appropriate to the course.

When you need assistance, after checking the tech section of the Student Catalog and the instructions here you may email us at for assistance.